September 10, 2018

imin leads industry voices in the “aggregators” discussion

imin’s CEO, Nish Desai, has recently been quoted by Health Club Management magazine in the “Ask the Expert” section of the September 2018 issue.

The article seeks to shine a light on the world of fitness aggregators and the impact these companies might have on the UK fitness market.

"Go forward with your eyes open and your hands on the steering wheel. Choose to work with those companies in a way that puts you firmly in control and keeps you there” Nishal Desai, Health Club Management magazine, September 2018

Nish was invited to comment after publishing a recent blog (Are fitness aggregators creating value, or just taking some of yours?), which received a lot of attention and responses, and was referenced in the Health Club Management piece. Nish is quoted alongside other industry leaders such as David Minton, Director at Leisuredb, Neil Harmsworth, Co-founder of Payasugym, and Peter Fitzboydon, Chief Exec of Parkwood Leisure.

You can read the full article here, page 38 onwards.

Dominic Fennell

Dom is a co-founder at imin