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We are a social good technology company using open data to transform the health and fitness sector in order to help people to be more physically active.

BEFORE, it was too hard to create useful technology to increase levels of physical activity. 

We'Ve changEd that.

In order to create effective and powerful technologies that could help to get people more active, we had to first address the issue of data in the sector.‍

We realised the only way to do this was to work together to create a standard way of openly sharing information about available activities and how to book them. In 2015, imin partnered with London Sport and the Open Data Institute (ODI) to launch OpenActive to create these standards and drive this change.‍

The initiative has gone from strength to strength and is now funded by Sport England, and coordinated by the Open Data Institute. imin continues to lead from the front alongside the ODI in getting more data open across the sector.

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BEFORE, it was too hard to understand the technology landscape for increasing levels of physical activity. 

We're changing that.

There's increasing pressure for public and private organisations to embrace technology in order to find powerful, cost-efficient means to increase the physical health of the population.‍

With the success of OpenActive, the landscape of available and relevant digital products and services is growing larger, with more and more choice. This is exciting, as the pace of innovation is increasing - but understanding the best choices can seem complex. That's why we created active//choice to make the landscape more transparent, and created resources to help individuals navigate through it easily.‍

This is part of our commitment to help organisations find the optimum mix of technology partners in order to reach their physical activity goals.

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BEFORE, there was no simple way for consumers to search and book physical activities from anywhere on the web.

now there is.

Holidaymakers can search and book any hotel from any number of online travel applications. At imin, we're determined to make it just as simple to search and book physical activities from any online wellness application. We connect multiple activity providers to multiple consumer platforms: by doing so, we make it easy for any organisation to incorporate real time activity search, booking and payment into their website or app.

Activity providers can connect to larger and larger audiences at the click of a button to generate the best returns from marketing spend. Organisations can engage consumers in their physical health without needing to perform multiple tricky integrations or set-up numerous partnerships.

imin is helping the whole sector to work in more connected ways to get people more active. Are you in?

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What we do

Physical activity data-as-a-service: You build the app, we provide the APIs.

If you're building technology or services that help people to be more active or live a healthier life, we want to help you promote relevant and available activities to your users by providing easy access to all the physical activity data you need (e.g. bookable squash courts, running groups, and yoga classes) through a set of APIs.

We are your invisible partner, working with organisations including Sport England, London Sport, the Open Data Institute in regions across the UK (and eventually globally) to facilitate your innovation.

We want to work with you to get more people more active.


We provide white-label widgets and raw APIs so that your users will never need to leave your experience.


Our Search API provides access to sessions and facilities - whether it's a running group or a tennis court.

LIVE, seamless booking

Our availability data is real-time, so your users can find and instantly book nearby activities and facilities with ease.


Sell-out your sessions with exponential lead generation.

If you run a sports facility or leisure centre, or organise sports activities, we can help you to increase your reach, footfall and engagement levels.

In the travel sector, flight operators promote tickets across a whole range of online travel agencies. In the same way, opening up your session times will promote them to a huge number of apps and businesses that motivate people to come along.

We want to work with you to get more people more active.


By exponentially increasing the visibility of activity sessions in your centres, we’ll help you to get more people through the door.

increase engagement

With more consumers visiting attending your activities, you can focus on ensuring they take the next step to regular membership.

efficient marketing

There's a wealth of organisations waiting to promote your sessions for you - saving you marketing time and budget.


Power health innovation for your citizens by unlocking open innovation in your region.

Be a catalyst for innovation of citizen health and wellness by encouraging activity providers in your region to open up their physical activity data (e.g. bookable squash courts, running groups, and yoga classes). Maximise participation rates and increase the use of facilities.

At no cost to you, we will help you create a platform that a wide range of organisations can plug into, in order to deliver new and innovative services to help your citizens to be more active.

We want to work with you to get more people more active.

encourage healthy living

By opening up data to do with physical activity, you can add more impact to your public health goals.

support innovation

Open data encourages open innovation, and supports a community of technologists to help you achieve your goals.

strengthen partnerships

Working together with local groups and organisations, we can collaborate together to create an effective open data ecosystem.


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