October 8, 2018

imin working with Public Health England to get children more active

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Change4Life activity finder, powered by imin.

Change4Life is Public Health England’s flagship social marketing programme supporting the childhood obesity agenda. It aims to empower families with primary school age children to eat well and move more.

The Change4Life programme has enjoyed considerable success and unparalleled levels of awareness and engagement. 91% of all mothers of children aged 5-11 are aware of Change4Life and 93% of these trust the brand. Since its launch in 2009 more than 4 million people have signed up and it now has more than 200 national partners.  

Increasing childhood physical activity is a key objective of Change4Life. Public Health England partnered with imin to help use market-leading technologies to achieve this goal, recognising the growing volume and coverage of open opportunity data as a result of the continued efforts of OpenActive. imin is working alongside our network of activity providers to filter and enhance the activities relevant for children to be searchable on the activity finder.

Public Health England are also now represented on the OpenActive advisory board.

Check out the Change4Life activity finder here.

If you're an activity provider and you'd like to find out how to get your kids activities publicised through Change4Life, please get in touch!

Nishal Desai

Nish is a co-founder at imin.