July 31, 2018

The data just keeps rollin’ in

By working in close collaboration with OpenActive, imin has supported the publishing of open data from 6 leisure operators, with centres across the UK.

The operators include Active Nottingham, Active Life in Kent, and 1610 in Somerset.

This represents significant momentum for OpenActive in the sector, since these operators were only able to publish open data because of new functionality developed by Gladstone in collaboration with OpenActive. Following the success of this initial pilot phase that tested this functionality, we expect to see even more Gladstone customers going open over the next few months.

For our customers, this new open leisure data is now available through the imin platform. If you'd like to find out more about the imin platform and how it can help your user base to be more physically active, please do get in touch.

If you're an activity provider and you'd like to find out how to open your data, and the benefits for doing so, we're also here to help.

Dominic Fennell

Dom is a co-founder at imin